Night Of The Living Dead – Julia Marcell

Don’t waste your time on things that won’t grow
The tube will tell you, honey, all you need to know
Welcome to the cast and crew of “The Night of the Living Dead”

No more second chances – look at all this mess
No bad news, I wanna hear about success
All the stories seem to end up being the very same thread

(Damn, damn, damn)
You’ll always need effective things to say
(Damn, damn, damn)
Better shape up, this is the game we play
(Damn, damn, damn)
Don’t worry, they will bleep you out anyway

Often we tend to get oh so easily spoiled
With the power of our minds and love for our soil
Maybe it’s just something there to keep us sane and make sense

And maybe you have never really thought of that
Time will end and everything will fall apart
And you’ll be left with nothing but your awareness of the consequences

(Damn, damn, damn)
You threaten hell but if I go to hell
(Damn, damn, damn)
I’ll write a song about going to hell
(Damn, damn, damn)
It’ll make my day, now does that ring your bell?

I’ve fetched my conclusions and went on a road
Looking for your input but you were never there
The Holy Grail won’t find itself
But are you truly interested?

Now you can go complaining about how you lack passion
Oh darling, passion is something that likes to be conquered
Just like love
Like life
Like love, like…

Damn, damn, damn…

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