Envy – Scene

I walk the depth of conscious
spreading infinitely
When I come to you leaning nothing
but the heartbeat
Paved blue reflects
the eternal possibility
And connects the words you and I speak

Remind of the form of melancholy
drooping down heavily
A mind that expected to be,
it will soon be vanished with a noise
Back to the covered lights,
the voice starts to run, hoping to return

White waves stop silently
A singing voice of clouds leaps on the surface
Letters of promise in the mad sunlight
The sky shines in a whispering rain.

Stare at the fragments of thought
spread at the feet
Tears of hope for the hopless ones.
Who owns the stars?
Last part of the sorrow
will someday be returned to us and
the story goes on

Whole lot of smile to the eyes
reflecting in the shadow
The countless gaze to the exit has lined up
my dearest scenery
An illusion brings
the white moment and the palm of a hand
Everything exists in a step
The bell of arrival for the overflowing water

A bridge over the sky and the noise in the dusk
Go beyond the night and the time of silence comes
Put out the lamplight and go along the moonlight
Give unfinished happiness to an innocent smile

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