Sed Non Satiata – Soma

La brume a envahi la plaine aux couleurs fauves
elle a recouvert les lacs immobiles et sombres.
C’est désormais, le gris qui domine.
C’est désormais, la mort qui se dessine.

Je sens dans ce souffle froid venant du Nord, la mort…
Je sens la mort dans cette épaisse brume que rien ne saurait arrêter;
pas même les flammes automnales,
pas même les lueurs estivales.

Je sens la mort dans ce vent froid venu du Nord,
dans le silence de ces eaux et dans mon corps,
que rien ne pourra ranimer,
pas même les velléités d’une vie à demi-assoupie

Et c’est le regard sombre, la gorge serrée
que j’assiste à la mort de cet Homme en qui je croyais.

Mais pourvu que dans le ciel la couleur
et dans tes yeux la lueur
brillent un jour de nouveau,
illuminent mes jours à nouveau.

Envy – The Unknown Glow

Just like the poem tells the marked destiny.
Find the heartbeat hanging faraway,
Future lines up in front grows immaturely.
The goal is the liberation of a mind. Guilt chase.
It goes as it wishes, hiding the abnormity.
Will you smile? Will you notice?
The painful lifeless shell after the exhaustion.
It’s you who gets hurt
And the questions have tossed in.
You have no words worth to answer.

Circulating water stopped by the damage.
Your understanding is stuffed and goes wrong.
You talk your past in vain.
The forgotten current, is it still free?

The difference of reflection
Exists in a line between
The manipulated ones and the thinkers.
Returning is equal to a total denying,
You find happiness at the dark bottom.
Believe in the false power,
Flirt with the smell,
The voices won’t reach,
It always become the scream of the defeated ones.
Beloved place we go hand in hand
Has the same color.
Force ourselves to overcome
Those problems that make no sense.
Many things for me to grasp,
But for you they make no sense.
Being chased around by
My own sense of values
And it shuts down my paths.
You just have to set it free,
Not to restrict.
Beliefs and individual ideals
Ends by telling,
And tommorow also ends.

Repeat the tiny happiness.
Pass by the everyday life.
Charmed by the temporary change.
Accompanied the established trust.
Lies are inevitable.
Need those words that went away
And the tiny voice floats in times
And echoes forever.
The road never disappears
And the spreading smoke wraps
The colorless times.
You just have to receive.
My meaningless words
Are the questions to myself.
Everything is here.
It disappears in a moment.

You just have to let the voice delivered.
This sound, and the proof of heart.
I go save the hanging thoughts. In hurry.
These feet go where they should go to.
Carry the wishes to the quiet place
Where the pieces sleep.

At a quick pace I’m going to the place
Where many of them glow.
Ceasing stands for the beautiful
Setback and segmentation.
Overcome the black plots
With the white gentleness.
Many stares betrayed the time.

I carry my exhausted body.
Bring the unknown glow into a life.
Start up the thoughts.
To the future. Ahead of us.
The stretch of a light we saw is
The scar of hundreds of answers.
Paint. Paint the weakness of
The ones who creep along.

Clann Zú – One Bedroom Apartment

Don’t leave me, I’m bleeding all over this linoleum floor.
I’m still in disbelief.
I’m drowning between the clear and blackening.
From morning until night
I’m losing sight of all the beautiful things.
There’s nothing here for me without you right here beside me.
Why did you go, did you leave me here,
Leave me here to rot inside this empty place?
I know that you are going far way.
From morning until night
I’m losing sight of all the beautiful things.

A man sits naked in the middle
Оf a room of a one bedroom apartment in New York City
And no one knows he’s there
And no one’s left to care
Whether or not the next drop comes out.
And the blood would be warm and the blood would hug him
Just like she used to
Before she left him in this fucking mess
Where only one sentence repeats itself.
And this is it, it says I will never love again.

And on the fifth day he placed everything he owned
In the centre of the room
And he watched it burn
As he recited all the beautiful words
That had ever come out her mouth.
And these are the same words that mock him now
And tell him that she is not coming back
That he is nothing not worth a fuck
And only one sentence repeats itself.
I will never love again.

And for the first time in 25 years he cried
Rivers of black shitty oil that careered down his chest
As the dam to his past broke,
Exploding, and it’s sinking all of his future now.
And that was then and this is now
As the animals reach their fever pitch
And the windows implode in silence
Out of respect for the dying out of respect for the dead.
I will never love again.

And before he can say stop
He’s running down the street to the beat of his feet
And past all the faces.
Past all the places he’s ever known,
An past all the traces he’s left of himself
And into the sky and into the air
Past all the stars as he’s calling out why.
Over the ocean in search of the only love
That will ever have.
And I will never love again.

Tinariwen – Toumast Tincha

Walking through it
Walking in the winter
The desert
Then I see it
My beloved

Dancing through fire
Dancing through fire

The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road

From the dusty may sun
Her looming shadow grows
Hidden in the branches of the poison creosote
She twines her spines up slowly
Towards the boiling sun
And when I touched her skin
My fingers ran with blood

In the hushing dusk under a swollen silver moon
I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom
And strange hands halted me, the looming shadows danced
I fell down to the thorny brush and felt the trembling hands

When the last light warms the rocks
And the rattlesnakes unfold
Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones

And rise with me forever
Across the silent sand
And the stars will be your eyes
And the wind will be my hands

Sed Non Satiata – Des Ruines

On devrait peut-être encore se questionner
sur la manière qu’on a de procéder
car quand ce monde s’effondrera
sur ce tas de ruines quelles voies on choisira?

Sera t’il possible de redonner forme à ces ruines
sans d’abord briser les chaines qui sur le quai
de l’ancien monde retiennent nos idées, nos pensées.

Ou nous laisserons nous dériver au gré des ondes,
au delà des slogans de bouches sales et d’idées héritées?
Il faudra d’abord apprendre à vivre ou à survivre
car quand ce monde s’écroulera que deviendra-t’on?

Quand s’effondrera ce monde
sous les quelques yeux troublés
de ceux qui naïvement pensaient
que tout (ceci) n’a de terme.

sur ces vieux corps la vie a tracé
d’épais sillons, des chemins oubliés
sur ces vieux corps le temps finira
de marquer sa trace pour ne pas oublier.

Il faudra apprendre à lire
dans ces sillons, dans les lignes
que sur ces vieux corps le temps a tracé,
à lire la honte sur les visages plissés.

A toujours vouloir la sécurité
on en oublie la vulnérabilité
d’une ville plongée dans le noir,
de ses corps livrés au jeu du hasard.

Les conséquences: quelques sourires noyés
dans des torrents de larmes.

Crippled Black Phoenix – We Forgotten Who We Are

We’ve forgotten who we are.
As men make their own history,
still they know we are chained and bound by all the past traditions of dead generations.
So let’s raise this bitter glass to us never getting through.
When I look into your eyes,
I can see you see it too.
For I know that you believe in truth.
I try to channel Hughes.
Though you doubt me inconsequentially, it gives me more to prove.

Was there some hidden grin within your face when we met last winter?
Our past still looms over us as we pretend to be friends.
We exist through history.
Inquiry and knowledge acquired by investigation.
You’re like some poor Pharaoh, (but) no more meek tales of past seasons, for tonight we must make haste.
You are the hunted King, uncrowned.
Cars collide with horses, like mere stings of Civilisations.
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” to quote George Santayana

Like shipwrecks falling from the ceiling,
we’ve forgotten who we’re being.
Unpredictable and horrendous,
we’re collectively blinded by the modern.
Undisputed tribulations.
I can’t love you as a Nation.
Undisputed tribulations.
I can’t love you as a Nation.

Tennessee Ernie Ford – Sixteen Tons

Alguns dizem que um homem é feito de lama
Um homem pobre é feito de músculos e sangue
Músculos e sangue e pele e ossos
Uma mente fraca e costas fortes

Você carrega dezesseis toneladas, o que ganha?
Um dia mais velho e e mais endividado
São pedro não me chame pois eu não posso ir
Eu devo a minha alma para a loja da companhia

Nasci numa manhã em que o sol não brilhava
Eu peguei minha pá e caminhei para a mina
Carreguei dezesseis toneladas de carvão
O chefe disse: “bem, abençoe minha alma”

Você carrega dezesseis toneladas, o que ganha?
Um dia mais velho e e mais endividado
São pedro não me chame pois eu não posso ir
Eu devo a minha alma para a loja da companhia

Nasci numa manhã, estava chuviscando
Briga e problema são meus nomes do meio
Fui criado no canavial por uma velha mãe leoa
Não há mulher que com um tom alto me faça andar na linha

Você carrega dezesseis toneladas, o que ganha?
Um dia mais velho e e mais endividado
São pedro não me chame pois eu não posso ir
Eu devo a minha alma para a loja da companhia

Se você me ver chegando, melhor se afastar
Muitos não o fizeram, muitos morreram
Um punho de ferro, o outro de aço
Se o direito não te pegar, então o esquerdo o fará

Você carrega dezesseis toneladas, o que ganha?
Um dia mais velho e e mais endividado
São pedro não me chame pois eu não posso ir
Eu devo a minha alma para a loja da companhia

Merle Travis